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ANDREAS EMBIRICOS (2001) – 100 years since his birth
Andreas Embiricos Year followed Seferis Year. The Ministry of Culture introduced the idea of tributes to authors and poets and in cooperation with EKEBI marked 100 years since the birth of Andreas Embiricos in 2001. EKEBI undertook to prepare and implement the programme of events with the aid of a committee of experts comprising Nanos Valaoritis, author and critic (Chairman) and Giorgis Giatromanolakis, University of Athens Professor (Vice-Chairman). Committee members were Jacques Bouchard, Prof. of Modern Greek Studies, University of Montreal, Iakovos Vourtsis, Ph.D in modern Greek literature- author, Markos Dragoumis, musicologist – author, Dimitris Kalokyris, author, Konstantinos Koroulis, head of the Literature Directorate of the Ministry of Culture, Christos Lazos, Director of the National Book Centre, Stavros Petsopoulos, publisher. The secretariat was comprised of Angeliki Papanikolaou, National Book Centre of Greece consultant and Maria Providaki, employee of the Literature Directorate of the Ministry of Culture.
These events were multi-purpose, and sought, among other things, to examine the work of the poet in a new light, and to determine his contribute to modern Greek literature, to discuss his relationship to more recent poets and the general way in which his work is viewed. Moreover, the events sought to highlight his work in Greece and abroad via articles, lectures, tributes in magazines, exhibitions, symposia, discussions and translations.

Embiricos on the internet: www.embiricos2001.gr
To provide direct information to researchers, academics and students and anyone else interested, EKEBI created a website in March 2001 dedicated to the poet Andreas Embiricos (http://www.embiricos2001.gr) which can be accessed via EKEBI’s website.
The materials on the website are divided into the following sections:
1. Life (biographical data and photographs)
2. Work: Literature (anthology of texts – sound recordings – list of works – bibliography including first and later editions, tributes, studies, translations and manuscripts). Psychoanalysis. Photography (introduction – collection of photographs by Andreas Embiricos).
3. Surrealism (introduction, indicative bibliography, Andre Breton’s Manifesto, etc.).
4. Andreas Embiricos Year events (programme of events, conference, exhibition, lectures, and special tributes).

First series of talks by experts on the life and works of the poet Andreas Embiricos at the Amphitheatre of the Ministry of Culture covering
Andreas Embiricos:  Facts and I. Speaker: Leonidas A. Embiricos,  ‘Open the windows / Open the soul: Psychoanalysis and literature. Speakers: Athanasios Alexandridis, Diamantis Anagnostopoulos, Savvas Michail.
‘Place in place: The geography of Andreas Embiricos.’ Speakers: Iakovos Vourtsis, Anastasis Vistonitis, Rena Zamarou, Evangelos Livieratos.
‘The Great Eastern: Catechism and Liturgy’ Speakers: Giorgis Giatromanolakis, Christos Lazos, Sara Papathemeli,
First series of talks by experts on the life and works of the poet Andreas Embiricos at the Stoa tou vivliou book arcade covering:
Andreas Embiricos:  Introduction to a city’  Speakers: Stavros Stavridis, Andreas Pantazopoulos, Dimitris Filippidis.
Street Vendors Welcome: The reception of Andreas Embiricos’  Speakers: Alexandros Argyriou, Stavros Petsopoulos, Sotiris Trivizas.
Andreas Embiricos:  Personal mythology’. Speakers: Panos Aloupis, Victor Ivanovich, Michalis Kopidakis.
Our circles belong to the world: Politics and poetry of modernisms’ Speakers: Giorgos Veltsos, Dimitris Dimiroulis, Maria Tsantsanoglou, Savvas Michail.
The lectures from the first series were published in the journal Diavazo (September 2001 issue) and those from the second series in the literary journal Nea Estia (April 2001 issue).

International conference ‘Today as tomorrow and yesterday’ on Andros Island The conference was held on 28-30 June 2001 on the island of Andros, the poet’s birth place, attended by 50 experts from Greece and abroad.  The conference was accompanied by other parallel events such as: A film tribute with short films inspired by the life and works of Andreas Embiricos, an outdoor photographic exhibition and the unveiling of a statue of Andreas Embiricos  in the town hall square on Andros on the initiative of the Andriot Academics Society.

Exhibition entitled Amour Amour in Technopolis
A major exhibition dedicated to the life and works of Andreas Embiricos was held at Technopolis, Gazi from 17.12.2001 to 17.1.2002. The exhibition sought to promote the work and personality of Andreas Embiricos in an imaginative, creative manner using audiovisual media, presenting information on his life and works, his personal effects, books and rare publications. Part of this exhibition contained 200 photographs (most of which had not been published before), taken by Andreas Embiricos who was a novelist, psychoanalyst and keen photographer in addition to being a poet. An attempt was made to present his work in a unique way via modules such as Embiricos and Utopia, the Inner Land, or The Blessed or The Saints of Non-Conformity, and the Great Eastern.

No limits – No Conditions: An issue dedicated to Andreas Embiricos.
This publication was designed as an introduction to Andreas Embiricos and this work and consists of 36 pages with numerous photographs, a timeline and anthology. Edited by: Dimitris Kalokyris – Iakovos Vourtsis. Published by the Ministry of Culture – National Book Centre of Greece.
Andreas Embiricos: Psychoanalytical studies.
Translation: Aloe Sideri. Introduction, editor: Thanasis Tzavaras, Giorgos Kourias. Agra Press.
SHUTTER: A book of photographs by Andreas Embiricos, edited by: Giannis Stathatos. Agra Press.
Andreas Embiricos: Mythology and Poetics, by Guy (Michel) Saunier, Agra Press.
In the world of dreams with Andreas Embiricos: Essays on Andreas Embiricos, by Jacques Bouchard, Agra Press.
Andreas Embiricos: Amour Amour, by Green Integer Press

As part of the special editions edited by the organising committee, a 2001 Calendar was published featuring photographs and selected texts by Embiricos.

EKEBI and the Ministry of Culture also subsidised the Greek literary magazines Diavazo, Delear, Anti, Utopia, Dytikes Indies, Umbrella, Porphyras, Nea Estia and Ah Maria in publishing dedications to Andreas Embiricos.

Special tributes to Andreas Embiricos
In addition to the planned events which were included in the official programme prepared by the committee to celebrate the Andreas Embiricos year, more than 25 regional events were held in Greece and abroad to honour the poet. Members of the organising committee spoke at these events or presented papers. Moreover, the events were accompanied by presentation of the mobile exhibition on the life and works of Andreas Embiricos. Created by EKEBI and the organising committee to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Andreas Embiricos, the exhibition comprised of panels featuring information on the life and work of the poet and 11 others with black and white photographs and works by Andreas Embiricos himself. Some were included in the exhibition of photographs by Andreas Embiricos at the Prespes 2001 Festival, the conference on modern Greek studies in Tenerife, a lecture on Andreas Embiricos at Harvard, an event entitled ‘Andreas Embiricos in Ottawa’, and a one-day workshop on Greek surrealism and Andreas Embiricos at the University of Lomonosov in Moscow.

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