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Solomos, Dionysios - Kalvos, Andreas - Makriyannis, Yannis - Karasoutsas, Ioannis - Roïdis, E. D. - Vikelas, Dimitrios - Vizyinos, G. M. - Papadiamantis, Alexandros - Mitsakis, Michail - Palamas, Kostis - Cavafy, C. P. - Karkavitsas, Andreas - Theotokis, Konstantinos - Sikelianos, Angelos - Kazantzakis, Nikos - Myrivilis, Stratis - Doukas, Stratis - Karyotakis, K. G. - Seferis, George - Prevelakis, Pantelis - Politis, Kosmas - Pentzikis, Nikos Gabriel - Calas, Nicolas - Embiricos, Andreas - Elytis, Odysseus - Engonopoulos, Nikos - Ritsos, Yannis - Gatsos, Nikos - Hatzis, Dimitris - Sinopoulos, Takis - Pavlopoulos, Yorgis - Sachtouris, Miltos - Anagnostakis, Manolis - Alexandrou, Aris - Patrikios, Titos - Tsirkas, Stratis - Kotzias, Alexandros - Tachtsis, Kostas - Ioannou, Yorgos - Bakolas, Nikos - Valtinos, Thanasis - Heimonas, Yorgos - Anghelaki-Rooke, Katerina - Charalambides, Kyriakos - Poulios, Lefteris - Mastoraki, Jenny - Vayenas, Nasos - Yatromanolakis, Yorgi - Galanaki, Rhea - Ganas, Michalis. Modern Greek Writing: an anthology in English translation. [tr.by]: Charles Brinsley Sheridan, Rudyard Kipling, E. M. Edmonds, Roderick Beaton, David Ricks, Peter Colaclides, Michael Green, Florence McPherson, H. A. Lidderdale, J. H. Freese, J. Gennadius, William F. Wyatt, Leo Marshall, Theodore Ph. Stephanides, George C. Katsimbalis, Robert Pinsky, Edmund Keeley, Philip Sherrard, John Mavrogordato, Memas Kolaitis, James Merrill, Theodore Sampson, Dorothy Trollope, Carl Wildman, Petro Alexiou, Rachel Hadas, Rex Warner, Kenneth Johnstone, Robert Liddell, Andreas Cambas, Avi Sharon, Paul Merchant, Alan Ross, Nanos Valaoritis, George Savidis, John Stathatos, Olga Broumas, David Connolly, Martin McKinsey, David Vere, Peter Levi, Kimon Friar, George Thaniel, Dino Siotis, Peter Mackridge, Kay Cicellis, H. E. Criton, Leslie Finer, Caroline Harbouri, John Taylor, Robert Crist, Katerina Anghelai-Rooke, Jackie Willcox, Philip Ramp, Chris Williams, Karen Van Dyck, E. Phinney & Helen Cavanagh · Editor David Ricks. London: Peter Owen, 2003. 487p.
ISBN: 0-7206-1086-9
Original title: (No original title)
Language: English
Subject: Literature - Anthology

Notes: This anthology includes the following writers: "The Night Journey" / Anon - "Hymn to Liberty (extract)", "The Destruction of Psara", "The Cretan", "The Shark", "The Woman of Zakynthos (extract)" / Dionysios Solomos - "Elegy on the Sacred Battalion" / Andreas Kalvos - "Memoirs (extract)" / Yannis Makriyannis - "To a Star", "The Last Dryad" / Ioannis Karasoutsas - "Pope Joan (extract)" / E. D. Roidis - "Loukis Laras. Reminiscences of a Chiote Merchant During the War of Independence (extract)" / Dimitrios Vikelas - "My Mother’s Sin" / G. M. Vizyinos - "Homesick" / Alexandros Papadiamantis - "By His Own Hand" / Michail Mitsakis - "The Death of the Gods, from The Twelve Words of the Gypsy" / Kostis Palamas - "An Old Man", "Waiting for the Barbarians", "Cavafy’s Desires", "Bacchus and His Crew", "Sculptor from Tyana", "Philhellene", "Alexandrian Kings", "Come Back", "Tomb of Evrion", "The Battle of Magnesia", "For Ammones, Who Died at the Age of 29 in 610", "One of Their Gods", "An Evening", "In the Month of Athyr", "The Tomb of Ignatios", "Days of 1903", "Caesarion", "To Remain", "Simeon", "Young men of Sidon (AD 400)", "Dareios", "A Byzantine Nobleman in Exile Writing Verses", "Favour of Alexander Balas", "From the School of the Renowned Philosopher", "In Alexandria, 31 BC", "John Katakuzinos Triumphs", "On an Italian Shore", "In a Township of Asia Minor", "In a Great Greek Colony, 200 BC", "Myris: Alexandria AD 340", "In This Very Space", "From Recipes of Ancient Greco-Syrian Magi", "To Have Taken the Trouble" / Cavafy C. P. - "The Beggar (extract)" / Andreas Karkavitsas - "Face Down!" / Konstantinos Theotokιs - "The First Rain", "Yannis Keats", "The Sacred Road", "Agraphon" / Angelos Sikelianos - "The Life and Times of Alexis Zorbas [Zorba the Greek] (extract)" / Nikos Kazantakis - "Life in the Tomb (extract)" / Stratis Myrivillis - "A Prisoner of War’s Story (extract)" / Stratis Doukas - "I Am the Garden", "Posthumous Fame", "Marche Funèbre et Perpendiculaire" / K. G. Karyotakis - "Upon a Foreign Verse", "Mythistoema (extracts)", "The King of Asine", "An Old Man on the River Bank", "Last Stop", "The Light (extract from 'Thrush')", "Memory I", "Memory II", "On Stage IV" / George Seferis - "The Tale of a Town (extract)" / Pandelis Prevelakis - "Erotica (extract)" / Kosmas Politis - "Mother Thessaloniki (extract)" / Nikos Gabrie Pentzikis - "Cavafy", "Santorini VII", "The Dream" / Nicolas Calas - "Orion", "Insight of Morning Hours", "The Texts", "Aphrodite", "In Philhellenes Street", "King Kong" / Andreas Embiricos - "Helen", "Form of Boeotia", "Heroic and Elegiac Song for the Lost Second Lieutenant of Albania (extracts)", "The Genesis (extract from The Axion Esti)", "The Monogram", "The Fresco", "Death and Resurrection of Constantine Palaiologos", "With Light and Death (extract from The Little Mariner)", "Solomos: Submission ans Awe" / Odysseas Elytis - "Bolivar" / Nikos Engonopoulos - "Romiosini", "The Meaning of Simplicity", "Misunderstandings (extract from Twelve Poems for Cavafy)", "Non-Hero", "Trivial Details", "Niobe", "The Tombs of Our Ancestors", "Penelope’s Despair", "The Usual", "Afternoon in the Old Neighbourhood", "Sources", "The Same Course", "Tokens", "Pilgrimage", "Two in the Afternoon", "On Silence", "Ticks of the Clock, 13" / Yannis Ritsos - "Amorgos" / Nikos Gatsos - "Sioulas the Tanner" / Dimitris Hatzis - "Philip", "Doanna", "The Mother Interprets the Land", "The Window", "Above the Seasons", "Sophia Etc", "Magda", "Deathfeast", "The Train" / Takis Sinopoulos - "Written on a Wall", "The Cellar", "It Could Nowhere Be Found", "Details from a Poem", "A Child’s Drawing", "The Heifer" / Yorgis Pavlopoulos - "The Dead Man in Our Life, John Benjamin d’Arkozi", "He Is Not Oedipus", "The Scene", "Nostalgia Returns", "The Dove", "My Brothers", "The Inspector", "The Watch", "The Visit" / Miltos Sachtouris - "Haris 1944", "The New Song", "Instead of Clamouring", "There...", "You Came When I...", "Epilogue [I]", "Poetics", "Thessaloniki, Days of AD 1969", "If", "Epilogue [II]" / Manolis Anagnostakis - "Promotion", "No Man’s Land", "The First Anatomist", "In Camp", "Meditations of Flavius Marcus", "Chaerophon to Pindar", "The Strongbox (extract)" / Aris Alexandrou - "Memories of Villages on the Spercheios", "Athenian Summer in 1956", "At the Cinema", "Idyll", "Rehabilitation of Laszlo Rajk", "Like Grave-Robbers", "Verses 2", "Indebtedness", "Words", "Eight Years", "Half-Forgotten Poem", "Epitaph", "A Town in Sothern Greece", "Loves", "My Language" / Titos Patrikios - "Ariagne (extract)" / Stratis Tsirkas - "Jaguar (extract)" / Alexandros Kotzias - "The Third Wedding (extract)" / Kostas Tachtsis - "'Voungari'" / Yorgos Ioannou - "Crossroads (extract)" / Nikos Bakolas - "Panayotis: A Biographical Novel" / Thanasis Valtinos - "The Builders (extract)" / Yorgos Cheimonas - "In This House Settling Time’s Account" / Katerina Anghelaki-Rooke - "At His Daughter’s Wedding", "The Apple", "Missing Person" / Kyriakos Charalambides - "Roads", "American Bar in Athens", "To Karyotakis" / Lefteris Poulios - "[The Wooden Horse…]", "The Battle Fought and Won", "The Death of a Warrior", "They Sang a Song All Their Own", "Note", "The Match", "The Underground", "Of the Underworld", "Of the Sufferings of Love" / Jenny Mastoraki - "Death in Exarchia", "A Game of Chess", "National Garden", "Beautiful Summer Morning", "Calvos in Geneva", "Jorge Luis Borges o Panepistimiou Street", "Barbarous Odes XVI", "Flyer’s Fall", "Après le Déluge", "Dialectic" / Nasos Vayenas - "History of a Vendetta (extract)" / Yorgi Yatromanolakis - "The Life of Ismail Ferik Pasha: Spina nel Cuore (extract)" / Rea Galanaki - "My Homeland Brimming", "Shipwreck", "Period", "George M., Florina 1949", "Persistence", "Concerning the Ascension", "I Want to Be Buried in Chafteia", "Drowned All These Years", "In Memory of K. G. Karyotakis" / Michalis Ganas
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