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Kiki Dimoula
 We’ve Moved Next Door, Issue No 31
Encounter, Issue No 31

Kiki Dimoula was born in Athens in 1931 and worked for the Bank of Greece from 1949 to 1974. She published her first collection of poems in 1962 but later withdrew it from circulation and has since published eleven volumes of verse.
Poems of hers have been translated into French, English, German, Spanish, Italian and Swedish. Her work has won many distinctions: the Second State Poetry Award for The Little of the World in 1972; the First State Poetry Award for Farewell Never in 1989; the Athens Academy’s Kostas and Eleni Ouranis Award for Lethe’s Adolescence in 1995; and the Athens Academy’s Literary Aristeio for her entire oeuvre in 2001.
Kiki Dimoula became a full member of the Athens Academy in 2002.


Into English:
Lethe's Adolescence, translated by David Connolly. Minneapolis: Nostos Books, 1996. 84pp.
ISBN: 0-932963-08-0.
Original Title: Η εφηβεία της λήθης

Into French:
Du peu du monde et autres poèmes, translated by Martine Plateau-Zygounas. Paris: La Différence, 1995. 124pp.
ISBN: 2-7291-1072-2.

Je te salue jamais, translated by Michel Volkovitch. Paris: Desmos, 1997. 105pp.
ISBN: 2-911427-04-1
Original Title: Χαίρε ποτέ

Mon dernier corps, translated by Michel Volkovitch. Paris: Cahiers grecs, 48pp.
ISBN: 2-910965-02-3
Original Title: Το τελευταίο σώμα μου

Into German:
Gedichte, 1959 bis 2000, translated by Evangelia Karamountzou, Georgi Fotopoulos, Niki, Lambrianidou. Frankfurt a.M.: Dielmann Verlag, 2001. 200pp.
ISBN: 3-933974-12-7.

Eine Minute zusammen, translated by Evangelia Karamountzou. Frankfurt a.M: Axel Dielmann Verlag, 2000. 31pp.
ISBN: 3-933974-07-0.

Into Spanish:

Poemas,translated by Nina Anghelidis Spinedi. Buenos Aires: El Imaginero, 1989. 24pp.
Original Title: Ποιήματα

31 poemas, translated by Nina Anghelidis Spinedi, Carlos Spinedi. Buenos Aires: Nuevohacer, 1998. 87pp.
ISBN: 950-694-554-3.
Original Title: (Selected works)

Into Swedish:
På Spåren, translated by Ingemarn Rhedin. Solna: Axion, 2004. 95pp.
ISBN: 91-973556-2-3
Original Title: Επί τα ίχνη

Var hälsad aldrig, translated by Ingemar Rhedin. Solna: Axion, 2002. 229pp.
ISBN: 91-973556-1-5
Original Title: Χαίρε ποτέ

Glömskans pubertet, translated by Ingemar Rhedin. Solna: Axion, 1997. 187pp.
ISBN: 91-970417-3-4
Original Title: Η εφηβεία της λήθης

Från mina rum dikter i urval, translated by Håkan Edgren. Lund: Ellerström,1997. 94pp.
ISBN: 91-86489-67-4.
Original Title: (Selected works)

Into Danish:
Glemselens pubert, translated by : Vibeke Espholm. Århus: Husets Forlag, 2002.69pp. ISBN: 87-7483-482-7
Original Title: Η εφηβεία της λήθης

Into Italian:
L’adolescenza dell’oblio,transated by Paola Maria Minucci. Milano: Crocetti Editore, 2000. 179pp.
ISBN: 88-8306-022-9
Original Title: Η εφηβεία της λήθης

Into Serbian:
Πeсмe, translated by Gaga Rosić. Beograd: Artist, 2002. 101pp.
ISBN: 86-83461-05-X
Original Title: (Selected works)

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