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An Almost Blue Hand
Rhea Galanaki
Short stories
A poetic mood pervades Rhea Galanaki’s short story collection, An Almost Blue Hand, where historical and mythological time clash.
Anthology of 20th Century Greek Short Stories
Thanassis Niarchos
Short stories
A representative short anthology
Athens, Capital of the Balkans
Petros Markaris
Short stories
Incomers clash with insiders on the mean streets of Athens, Capital of the Balkans by Petros Markaris.
Lena Kitsopoulou
Short stories
A harsh fictional universe unmasks human drama
Beer with Grenadine
Fondas Ladis
Short stories
The dark underside of Athens in short sharp stories
Drive In
Maria Markouli
Short stories
Fragments of city life laced with humour
Empty Hotels
Faidon Tamvakakis
Short stories
A mixed cast of characters inhabit Faidon Tambakakis’s Empty Hotels.
Four Greek Murders
Alexis Panselinos
Short stories
Terrorism lurks in the background of everyday lives in Four Greek Murders, short stories by Alexis Panselinos.
From the Other Side
Vassilis Gouroyiannis
Short stories
Black comedy and deep, internal drama are two sides of the same coin in From the Other Side.
Garden Ambitions
Evgenia Fakinou
Short stories
Myth and storytelling in a charmed atmosphere
I’d Like
Amanda Michalopoulou
Short stories
Amanda Michalopoulou’s short stories in I’d Like spin alternative takes on plot and character into an over-arching narrative.
Isle of Pumice
Natasa Kesmeti
Short stories
Unembellished reality in short stories
Louis Roussel : Fairy Tales of Mykonos
Panagiotis Kousathanas
Short stories
A passion for life in fairy tales from Mykonos
Mauve econ
Fivos Botsis
Short stories
Minimal means pack a major punch
Nicotine Addiction
Thanassis Valtinos
Short stories
Unadorned language and unsentimental observations are the keynotes of these short stories set in harsh times in Nicotine Addiction by Thanassis Valtinos.
Passion Eats the Soul
Costas Mourselas
Short stories
Costas Mourselas sets sexual skirmishes and encounters against a background of everyday life in Passion Eats the Soul.
Penne with Ink
Yiannis Efstathiadis (Apicius)
Short stories
Apicius blends the delights of gastronomy with literature, cinema and the visual arts in Penne with Ink.
Ray of Light in the Darkness
Ersi Sotiropoulos
Short stories
Ersi Sotiropoulos’s characters deal with the nitty-gritty of Greek life in the short stories of Ray of Light in the Darkness.
Room Everywhere
Yiannis Efstathiadis (Apicius)
Short stories
Human dramas of rare intensity are crafted by a true stylist, Yiannis Efstathiadis, in Room Everywhere.
Short Stories 1977-2002
Periklis Sfyridis
Short stories
Periklis Sfyridis mixes the serious and comic in an observant portrayal of everyday life in a big city.
Small Traffic Ring: New Athenian Stories
Kostas Katsoularis
Short stories
The other side of Athens today
The Blind Man’s Mirror
Achilleas Kyriakidis
Short stories
Achilleas Kyriakidis plays with language and narrative form in The Blind Man’s Mirror.
The Empty Chair: A Novella and Other Stories
Mihalis Makropoulos
Short stories
Solitary observers roam a dark metropolis
Water on the Face
Nikos Houliaras
Short stories
Nikos Houliaras takes a journey through dreams and nightmares in pictures and short stories.
Wild Velvet
Maria Maria Kouyioumtzi
Short stories
Relationships on the rocks
Written Kisses
Yiannis Efstathiadis (Apicius)
Short stories
A hymn to life on the death of a son.
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