The European Stand

For the first time, four EU member states (France, Germany, Greece and Poland) are contributing, with EU support, to a joint European stand at major international book fairs outside the borders of the European Union: Buenos Aires (Argentina), Guadalajara (Mexico), Taipei (Taiwan), and Sao Paolo (Brazil) (2005-2006).

The Bureau International de l’ Edition Francaise (BIEF, France) as coordinator and the Frankfurt International Book Fair, the Book Institute of Poland, and the National Book Centre of Greece are working together to take European books to international book fairs all over the world.

The aim of organising a joint European stand is to promote the European publishing industry and the presence of European books in other continents, as well as to effectively promote European culture. Moreover, the plan makes it possible to establish stronger links between the European co-organisers.
The co-organisers aim to continue the programme and to organise a European stand at other international fairs with the support of the EU. 
Funding for the European stand:
Preparatory collaboration actions in the cultural space of the European Union 

Since 2002, the EU budget included funding for preparatory collaboration activities of a cultural nature. The plans funded are of an experimental nature, and promote the following aims:

  • Strengthening mobility in the cultural sector
  • Increasing mobility of cultural products and works
  • Developing an intercultural dialogue.

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