M. Karagatsis (2008) – 100 years since his birth 
The Ministry of Culture and EKEBI decided to host a series of symbolic commemorative events relating to areas of literature and its leading figures, viewed from a more modern perspective, with the aim of (a) bolstering research and literary production and (b) disseminating the work of Greek authors and bringing them closer to the general public. To mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of M. Karagatsis in 2008, EKEBI planned:

A book entitled M. Karagatsis 1908-2008: 100 years since his birth,
published by EKEBI covering this life, works, and a bibliography of studies, articles, anthologies, and photographic materials concerning the author. This special publication was made available to schools, libraries and other interested bodies in Greece and abroad.

Mobile Exhibition
A mobile exhibition was prepared comprising panels featuring the life and works of Karagatsis, book covers, manuscripts and photographs. The exhibition is to be accompanied by events as part of the commemorative celebrations and will then continue as part of EKEBI’s school exhibitions scheme and will move all around Greece.
Collector's Stamp
Following a request from EKEBI, Hellenic Post has released a stamp featuring a well-known portrait of the author painted by his close friend, the poet Andreas Embiricos. This stamp will allow more readers to get to know the author, M. Karagatsis.