GIORGOS SEFERIS (2000) – 100 years since his birth 
The Ministry of Culture declared 2000 Giorgos Seferis Year to mark the centenary of his birth. EKEBI worked with a committee of experts to host a series of events and activities. 
Various events were successfully held during 2000:

An international conference in Cyprus on Giorgos Seferis: Hellenism's poet.
An international academic conference in Smyrna entitled Giorgos Seferis: A poet between East and West, accompanied by musical performances by the Orchestra of Colours and the the Bosphorus group.

A multi-media exhibition entitled Giorgos Seferis: Poet and citizen (Technopolis, November –December 2000).

There were also a series of parallel events (workshops and symposia) under the aegis of the Seferis Year Committee, such as the colloquium at Patras at the University, the symposium in Copenhagen (Melina Danish-Greek Cultural Society, publication of a dedicatory issue in Ah Maria literary journal (Bulgarian Literature Foundation), and others.

Various works were published including:

Giorgos Seferis’ Pamphlets, The Asia Minor Issues, The Life and Works of Giorgos Seferis, Seferis: an Autobiography, among others.

The Seferis Year Committee comprised D. N Maronitis, Chairman, and Giannis Dallas, Vice Chairman. Its members were Alexandros Argyriou, Giorgos Giatromanolakis, Dimitris Daskalopoulos, Maria Efstathiadi, Ekaterini Karydi, Konstantinos Koroulis, Christos Lazos, Irini Levidi, Michail Pieris, Vouvoula Skoura and the secretariat was Ekaterini Myrtillou and Maria Providaki.