Issue No 32, February 2008
The Plant. The Well. The Angel.
Vassilis Vassilikos
Three novellas that set Greek literature on a new track
The Son of Billy Blue
Neni Efthymiadi
Mystery, suspense and humor
Dorina Papaliou
Crime fiction
An aspiring comic book artist's skills lead him into peril
I Want To Be A Hero
Frantzeska Alexopoulou-Petraki
Illustrator: Natalia Kapatsoulia
Children´s book
A cheerful story for children in the first two classes of primary school with lively illustrations by Natalia Kapatsoulia.
The Angry Little Bear
Glykeria Grekou
Illustrator: Spiros Gousis
Children´s book
An angry little bear drums his aggression away
Great Moments in Greek Archaeology
Editor: Panos Valavanis
Non fiction albums
An illustrated treasury of great moments in Greek archaeology
Greek Gastronomy: 34 Greek Chefs Create
Editor: Thymios Voulgaris
New trends in Greek gastronomy from top chefs