Maro Douka
 Innocent and Guilty, Issue No 1
Floating City, Issue No 34
Unshakable Poplars, Issue No 36

Maro Douka was born in Chania, Crete in 1947. She studied archaeology at the University of Athens and has lived in Athens since 1966. She began writing in 1969 and her work has been published in periodicals and newspapers. Her short stories have been translated into French, German, Italian and Russian. Fool’s Gold has been translated into English and French, The Floating City into German, and At the Bottom of the Picture into French. She turned down the National Book Award for The Floating City but considered it an honour to receive the Nikos Kazantzakis prize for Fool’s Gold.


In English
Fool's Gold, translated by Roderick Beaton. Athens: Kedros Modern Greek Writers, 1991. 312 pp. ISBN: 960-04-0481-X

Come Forth, King, translated by David Connolly. Athens: Kedros Modern Greek Writers 2003. 384 pp. ISBN: 960-04-24-6-3

In French
Le Miroir aux images, translated by Jasmine Pipart. Paris: Editions Hatier, 1993. 296 pp. ISBN: 2-218-6967-9

L’or des fous, translated by Paule Rossetto. Arles: Institut Français d’ Athènes-Actes Sud, 1993. 292 pp. ISBN : 2-86869-997-9

In German
Die schwimmende Stadt, translated by Norbert Hauser. Frankfurt: Insel Verlag, 1991. 350 pp. ISBN: 3-458-16136-8

In Italian
Un berretto di porpora, translated by Massimo Cazzulo. Milano: Crocetti Editore-Collana Aristea, 1999. 322 pp. ISBN: 88-8306-000-8

In Turkish
To be published by Doğan Kitapçilik:
Come Forth, King
Innocent and Guilty