Issue No 33, March 2008
The Milk of the Snake
Yannis Xanthoulis
Memory and identity in a family saga
Drive In
Maria Markouli
Short stories
Fragments of city life laced with humour
The Invisible Crowd
Manolis Pratikakis
The attempt to regain a lost childhood
Odyssey: A Voyage in the Mediterranean of Legend
Dimitris Garoufalis
Non fiction albums
A handsome introduction to the timeless tale of The Odyssey
Children’s Questions about the Earth
Voula Mastori
Children´s book
A palatable mix of narrative and scientific fact
When Do and La Got Divorced
Zoe Skalidi
Fotini Tsambra
Illustrator: Leda Tsouhnika
Children´s book
An imaginative approach to a family dilemma
Mediterranean Aroma
Mihalis Dounetas
First-rate ingredients, imaginatively presented