Odyssey: A Voyage in the Mediterranean of Legend
 Dimitris Garoufalis

Militos, 2006
ISBN: 960-8460-71-9
ISBN13: 978-960-8460-74-4

The Homeric epics were not just an explanation of the world, writes archaeologist Dimitris Garoufalis in the introduction to his Odyssey: A Voyage in the Mediterranean of Legend. They represent what he calls an awakening of the human spirit, and a firmly held conviction that humankind can shape its own destiny. In addition to The Odyssey itself, the author draws on other ancient texts, including works by the tragedian Aeschylus, the historian Thucydides and the early travel writer Pausanius as well as modern scholarship to relate and expand upon the ten-year journey that took Odysseus back to Ithaca after the fall of Troy. Superb colour photographs from varied sources illustrate sites and works of art associated with the legend, from Nestor’s palace, to caves, beaches and a seventh-century BC vase showing the escape of Odysseus and his companions from the Cyclops’ cave. A handsome introduction to a timeless tale.

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