FF (Friends Forever)
 Voula Mastori

Patakis, 2008
ISBN13: 978-960-16-2803-5

Braces, adenoids and a pesky little sister are just a few of the trials facing Andromache. Then there’s a schoolyard bully who extorts money from younger pupils, the supercilious “princesses” of the class led by the glamorous Natassa, and Andromache’s mixed feelings when Nikos, the school’s heartthrob that she not-so-secretly fancies, suddenly breaks up with Natassa and asks her out. With the help of her Forever Friends gang, a grandmother who doesn’t miss a trick, salsa classes, and some unexpected additions to the gang, the heroine tackles the demands of growing up, not the least of which is the cruelty teenage girls are capable of and her own prejudices. Voula Mastori dramatises the concerns, great and small – friendship, loyalty and love, as well as what to wear, how to kiss, and how far to go with a boy – and the language and behaviour of youngsters in junior high school.

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