Floating City
 Maro Douka

Patakis, 2008
ISBN: 960-16-2347-7
ISBN13: 978-960-16-2347-4

A Greek sociologist in his forties, married with two children, lives and works in Paris. There he meets a 28-year-old woman from Athens, who has a failed marriage behind her and is just starting to enjoy success in her career. They plunge into a passionate affair, cramming every moment of ten days with wild intensity. The countdown soon begins for the relationship, as their feelings are strong but their views often clash. Floating City is a love story of two cities, where distance nurtures not only passion and desire but also disillusionment and attrition. Maro Douka delves into the compromises and the retreat of militant intellectuals who see their hopes and expectations collapsing on the personal level as well as the political. Her novel plays with the changes that time can bring to the mind and heart, and the contradictory, often mutually exclusive views people can adopt at different times and places

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