Deep, Silent Waters
 Rhea Galanaki

Kastaniotis, 2006
ISBN: 960-03-4180-X

In 1950, Kostas Kefaloyiannis, son of a leading family in Crete, who had fought the Germans in the Second World War, abducted Tasoula Petrakoyioryi, daughter of a Liberal deputy. The government was a coalition of the Liberal and the Popular parties and the event caused a furore. The abduction embroiled the entire government, led the perpetrator to prison and ended ingloriously when the couple separated shortly afterwards.
A young woman torn between her strong-willed, powerful father and husband, strives in vain to establish her identity at a time when ideological and moral inflexibility stifles individuality.
A strict, traditional community is in ferment; a state recently emerged from the convulsion of civil war brutally persecutes political opponents; and strong bonds are forged between private and public in an era of extreme political tension.
Based on a true event that shocked Greece, this fictional chronicle examines what really happened in the mountains of Crete 60 years ago.

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