The Scrapbook
 Orestis Alexakis

Gavriilidis, 2009
ISBN: 978-960-336-449-8

Alexakis’s eleventh published collection since 1974 constitutes a kind of “Goodbye to all that” collection, as is clear from the opening poem: …I want to leave to return / Yet where I can’t remember where / Dear Lord, so vast everywhere / And so deep a precipice the outside. The poet notes that the book contains a selection of poems that he wished “to come back to in the future”, or poems that stylistically were not in keeping with the published ones, or others that represent the beginnings of uncompleted experimentations. But, as he says, some of these poems or even snippets of poems have something to say, something that responds to a particular expressive need of their creator, which still exists. Together, they may be seen as an epilogue to the poet’s entire poetic career to date, and as such also constitute a useful introduction to his poetic work.

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