The Hippo-Knight and the Fairy-Cow
 Nicos Panayotopoulos
Illustrator: Vassilis Papatsarouhas

Ellinika Grammata, 2009
ISBN: 978-960-19-0508-2

Half hippopotamus, half knight, the hero has to make some adjustments early in life. That rust-prone suit of armour rules out paddling in the river and rolling in the mud. Even the little birds that feed off the backs of hippos avoid him because the metal plates are too slippery. So the hippo-knight sets out in search of a better fate, one he dreams will come in the shape of a kind fairy that can release him from his cumbersome armour. On the way he meets an array of hybrid creatures and plants: the worm-goat, the croc-dog, the mozzie-duck, and the pear-granate, illustrated with zest by Vassilis Papatsarouhas. For all their shared condition, the animals are reluctant to offer real help. The hippo-knight must rely on his own instincts, which lead him to the Fairy-Cow. Children will revel in the wordplay of a story that explores identity and differences.

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