Creative Vegetarian Food
 Maria Elia
Photographer: Jonathan Gregson

Terzopoulos, 2009
ISBN: 978-960-6838-07-1

In this banquet of flavours, superbly photographed by Jonathan Gregson, Maria Elia lives up to her belief that food should look good and taste fantastic. She invents new dishes, like her corn and lemon grass soup; successfully marries unexpected ingredients: see the summer curry of watermelon, black beans and white cheese; and rings creative changes on old favourites: ravioli stuffed with artichokes and goat’s cheese, or with grilled endive and strawberries. Many recipes combine different culinary traditions: classic Italian and Japanese ingredients meet in the polenta with asparagus and shiitake mushrooms. There’s hearty fare: cabbage rolls with quinoa, mushrooms, and chickpeas and bulgur with caramelized onion and beetroot; as well as salads like tabouleh with feta, and piquant sauces.
Even the simplest food acquires extra zing, as in the popcorn made with rosemary. Mouthwatering desserts include crème brulee with plums, and brownies with lemon, almonds and white chocolate.

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