The Thousand Leaves
 Pavlina Pampoudi

Kedros, 2009
ISBN: 978-960-04-3890-1

The twelfth collection of poetry by Pavlina Pampoudi comprises four families of leaves from different clans. These are poems from the last seven years, written, according to the poet, as poems should be: “with difficulty and reluctance”. The collection begins with a series of poems entitled “Biographical Data”, because she believes “we invent our soul anew” with each new cycle. The second section, entitled “Chronicle”, is a chronicle of loss. It consists of a long poem, a “minute by minute” description of death. The third section is dominated by the calming presence of certain “semi-domesticated” animals: The Bird Poem, The Fish Poem, The Insect Poem, The Animal Poem, etc. The fourth section contains “Stray poems from the city and the countryside”. Throughout the book, time is perforated and permeable; the discourse moves back and forth between the present continuous and the simple past in a constant now.

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