Taste, the Third Sense
 Argyro Barbarigou

ISBN: 978-960-11-0990-0

Argyro Barbarigou makes a living by pleasing people with her cooking. Here she shares some of the best-loved recipes from her popular restaurant on Paros, as well as some tips on choosing and preparing ingredients. The dishes are based on Parian cuisine, interpreted with flair. With amateur chefs in mind, the author has chosen some of her simpler recipes, which are no less delicious for being easy. To start with the appetisers, amaranth adds tang to prawn rissoles while giant white beans in a beer batter make a tasty bite to nibble with an ouzo. Then comes seasonal fare: vine leaves stuffed with wild greens for spring; a spicy lobster stew to eat by the seaside in summer; an open mushroom pie with cheese and yoghurt for autumn; and beef cooked with chestnuts for a fireside meal in winter. Afters include fruit based-liqueurs, mastic-flavored almond cookies and lemon sorbet.

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