Don’t Go!
 Makis Tsitas

Psichogios, 2009
ISBN: 978-960-453-505-7

Alexis’s grandmother lives far away from him, but she visits as often as she can. On the day he expects her, Alexis sits with his eyes fixed on the door and flies into her arms when she arrives. There’s always a present for him in her suitcase –books, toy cars, crayons, sweets. He shows her latest treasures, tells her about his friends and sings the latest song he learnt at school. They have a wonderful time playing at home and in the park, but on the third day, when she starts packing her case, Alexis runs and hides. She explains that she has to get back to work, but he throws a tantrum, which only stops when they get to the bottom of fear that she may never return. A simple story, well told, with charming illustrations by Eliza Vavouri, about dealing with a child’s fear of separation.

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