The People Who Stole Writing from the Gods
 Maria Angelidou
Illustrator: Myrto Delivorria

Patakis, 2009
ISBN: 978-960-16-2863-9

Maria Angelidou has a gift for retelling tales from mythology. Writing for children aged six and over, Maria Angelidou takes her readers back to the days before people comprehended the past and the future, because they had not yet named them. Palamedes, son of King Nauplius, has a passion for naming things, starting with some cranes he has seen. When he succeeds his father, he introduces laws, numbers, and a calendar with thirteen months. Then he develops a fixation on those cranes, and his wife Alfito begs Hermes for help. The god visits the king in a dream, and reveals that the deities have hidden words in a cave guarded by the three Fates, who only let them out on the night of Midsummer. Palamedes sets out to steal the words and bring knowledge back to his people. Fanciful illustrations by Myrto Delivorria accompany this imaginative version of the old story.

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