The Law of the Lawless
 Polydoros Sopasis

Pyli, 2009
ISBN: 978-960-7041-21-0

The author, a rebellious and incredibly adventurous spirit, migrated at the age of twenty from his native Crete to the USA. He got entangled with the mafia and soon ended up behind bars. His book, The Law of the Lawless, is a revealing chronicle of what happens to prisoners in a penal system that deals out the same harsh treatment to locals and foreigners, blacks and whites, young and old. It tells of torture by guards, scheming by prisoners, rape, punishment, and three savage murders in a totally inhuman world. Deliberately avoiding both vulgarity and sentimentality, the narrative exposes the events that marked the protagonist during his time in prison. And it shows how his rebellious nature sprang, not from some character defect, but from rigid social norms that applied in rural Crete. Full of action and suspense, his book can also be read as a fast-paced crime novel.

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