Wild Velvet
 Maria Maria Kouyioumtzi

Kastaniotis, 2008
ISBN: 978-960-03-4702-9

Personal relationships do not fare well in Wild Velvet, a collection of short stories. They constantly encounter impasses as the characters, who have a desperate thirst for life, do everything to sabotage their own prospects. Guilt, transgressions great and small, minor uprisings and larger-scale rebellions almost always lead to the same outcome, of being crushed by harsh realities. Contradictions and ambivalence are part of life for Maria Kouyioumtzi’s heroes. Though their world may be immersed in conflict and pain, it is never one-dimensional or immutable. There’s always a chance that events may take on a new aspect, and with it the promise of new possibilities. Pervading all the stories in the collection is a sense of eroticism. Sometimes subdued, sometimes more evident, it is ready to take the stage in the most unexpected circumstances. The restless style matches the material, as the writer sets sparks under the characters and situations.

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