Message in a Bottle
 Giorgos Botsos

Metaichmio, 2009
ISBN13: 978-960-455-542-0

The hero of this graphic novel is a bottle made by a glass-blower in a soot-stained city, a century and a half ago, when all industry ran on coal. The handsome bottle, filled with rum, ends up on a shelf in the captain’s quarters of a whaling ship where it catches the eye of the cabin boy. One day, hunting a whale during a terrific storm, the ship founders on a reef and both the boy and the bottle are washed up on a desert island. He puts a message in the bottle and sends it out to sea again. While the young sailor learns to live on the island, the bottle is carried around the world, by rivers and seas. Giorgos Botsos’s powerful illustrations highlight the contrast between the beauty of untouched nature and the destruction wrought by greedy humans. A cautionary tale with just a spark of hope.

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