Unshakable Poplars
 Maro Douka

Patakis, 2008
ISBN13: 978-960-16-2857-8

A secondary school language teacher unwittingly witnesses a murder. She looks into the past to discover the cause of the crime, but her attempt is unsuccessful and it seems the perpetrator cannot be found. This is not a detective novel: Maro Douka is writing about female identity. In this re-issue of her popular novel written in 1987, she examines the political position of women in society during a transitional stage. In all her fiction – mainly novels but also short stories – Douka portrays the encounter between the individual and the collective in an era which plainly favours a shift towards private life. Here she explores how people lose their political awareness and how they can regain it without losing their private identity. In Unshakable Poplars, the writer creates a female character who, while exploring the labyrinth that encircles her, begins to understand herself and her decisions better.

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