Dorina Papaliou

Kedros, 2007
ISBN: 960-04-3650-9
ISBN13: 978-960-04-3650-1

In comics the word 'gutter' is used to describe the space that separates consecutive illustrated panels. The hero of Dorina Papaliou's book encounters the gutter in that sense and in another, less pleasant context. Alexandros, a senior high school student and aspiring comic book artist, runs foul of underworld figures when he decides to investigate a sinister scene he has witnessed and sketched. His quest leads him into peril as he uses his observational and artistic skills to trace the perpetrators of dubious medical experiments and a double murder.
With its compelling plot and lively characters, Gutter brings together the traditional mystery story with the world of comic book superheroes and the graphic novel. Dorina Papaliou shows her hero moving between the frighteningly adult milieu of crime and the anxieties confronting an adolescent with a complex, troubled homelife and a relationship that he seems unable either to relinquish or repair.

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