Pavlos Matessis

Kastaniotis, 2007
ISBN: 960-03-4569-4
ISBN13: 978-960-03-4569-8

Two men who do not succeed in loving, or are afraid to do so, still make a deep mark on each other throughout their lives in Pavlos Matessis’s latest novel, Aldebaran.
The author shows how a genuinely Platonic love can take shape in the present day.
He maintains a sure balance between the harsh irony of black comedy which plays with the grotesque element in the plot, and the abstract language of erotic allegory, which lend love and death a strictly divine dimension. Matessis paints his characters with expressionist colours, as well as depicting personalities that are caricatures and that blend into various surreal situations. His protagonists deify their loneliness, turning their isolation into the art of living. The funny and the dramatic cohabit in an explosive mixture in this work where as the expressive force of great emotional intensity often ends up in deliberate exaggeration.

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