Greek Mythology: How the World Began
 Maria Angelidou
Illustrator: Vasilev Svetlin

Papadopoulos, 2006
ISBN: 960-412-611-3
ISBN13: 978-960-412-611-8

Writer and translator Maria Angelidou deploys her considerable story-telling skills, and award-winning illustrator Svetlin his artistic talent, to bring timeless tales to young readers.
As this absorbing account has it, in the beginning there was no before and after, only the earth and sky who loved one another and gave birth to the Titans, a race of giants, till the world became crowded and trouble started. Uranus exiled his offspring but they rose up against him.
Their stories are told in a continuous narrative that links each of them to a particular concept: Cronus, who overthrew Uranus and was in turn overthrown by his son Zeus, becomes one with Chronos, or time. Atlas, condemned to bear the world on his shoulders, represents weight; Deucalion and Pyrrha, who build an ark to escape a retributive flood sent by Zeus, are linked to water; Prometheus to the fire he steals from the gods to give to humans; Pandora to air, the kindly centaur Chairon to justice and Proteus to truth.
Angelidou satisfyingly weaves the old stories anew and Svetlin portrays a vast inchoate universe of giants wrestling with gods and powers to bring a new world into being.

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