The Hand of the Standard Bearer
 Dimitris Kalokyris

Ellinika Grammata, 2006
ISBN: 960-442-656-7

Dimitris Kalokyris’s latest book, The Hand of the Standard Bearer, plays continually with genre, from travel adventure, historical chronicle geography, essay, medieval fairy tale and ballad to the novel and scientific research.
Irony is an ever-present component of this self-referential narrative, which periodically reminds the reader of its invented nature. A poetic element permeates the atmosphere of the book, lending its own variety and charm.
There is a rapid interchange of characters, whose attributes waver and change and whose origin and fate are mysterious, in this inventively orchestrated tale. The narrative fabric is tightly woven and the vivid, sparkling language is a literary adventure in itself.
The author has been heavily influenced by the work of Jorge Luis Borges, which he has translated into Greek.

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