The Feather Princess
 Maria Rousaki-Villa

Illustrated by Wladimir Dowgial
Papadopoulos, 2006
ISBN: 960-412-526-5

A beautiful princess collects feathers from birds that she orders her hunters to stalk and kill in The Feather Princess by Maria Rousaki. She has set her heart on acquiring a superb example from a rare blue bird and sends her hunters after it. But when the hunters track down their quarry they frighten it away by making too much noise. Determined to add the feather to her collection, the princess sets off alone on a quest to capture the bird. As the princess pursues the bird through the majestic, unspoilt forest, she heedlessly uses, destroys and discards the plants and animals she encounters. Her selfish greed proves to be her own downfall when the wily bird outwits her. Appealing as a story, this fable – handsomely illustrated by Wladimir Dowgial – also conveys a thought-provoking message about the perils of plundering the natural world.

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