Costas Mavroudis

Kedros, 2006
ISBN: 960-04-3225-2

Stenography by Costas Mavroudis is a fertile mix of prose, poetry and essay in a work of exceptional sensitivity. The book converses with the great sources of European literature, which the author endeavours to adapt to Greek circumstances.
Places, books and works of art are viewed in a realistic narrative, which is either interrupted every so often or deliberately undermined by a fascinating abstract element.
The poetic outlook of Stenography invites readers to turn their attention to the hidden and invisible aspects of things. The author deploys an earthy aestheticism that extols beauty without ignoring the needs and limitations of human physiology. There is an undercurrent of discreet self-irony at the fear of advancing age and death
The compact, lucid language is determined by the immediacy of its images.

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