Melanthia’s Book
 Dimitris Kalokyris

Agra, 2006
ISBN: 960-325-487-8

The poems in Melanthia’s Book by Dimitris Kalokyris seem to constitute a running account kept by a woman of whom we discover little more than that she is of average build, brown-haired and probably affectionate.
Her ledger, which is obviously spurious, combines disparate elements, ranging from waffle and transverse melodies from the West and the Balkans to nonsensical conjectures and lyrical observations on rock formations from the East.
The Addenda contain explanations from texts of old that most splendidly shed darkness on the events of the time. This is a mother’s advice to her son presented with Kalokyris’s characteristic humour – irreverent, dry and subversive. Delightful poetry from a master craftsman.

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