Issue No 16, September 2006
A Lot of Butter on the Dog’s Hide
Giorgos Skabardonis
History, politics and personal lives meet in A Lot of Butter On the Dog’s Hide.
The Cherubim in the Moquette
Eleni Giannakaki
The asphyxiating life of routine and a desperate attempt to escape from it.
Europe through Greece – A Development in 17th-18th Century European Self-awareness
Nasia Giakovaki
Non fiction essays
Historian Nasia Giakovaki examines the role of ancient Greece in the shaping of European self-awareness.
Voula Mastori
Children´s book
Adolescence and her parents’ divorce arrive at the same time for Lina.
Little Red
Makis Tsitas
Children´s book
A passion for red, a lively imagination and a touch of magic in a picture book.
Aegean Wings
Michael Domocos
Non fiction albums
Aegean Wings records the varied beauty of birds in the Aegean.
Losing Weight by Eating
Yiannis Geldis
Eat and keep in shape with tempting recipes from Yiannis Geldis.