Christos Boulotis
 When the Ball has Wild Dreams, Issue No 5
The Little Donkey that Drank the Moon, Issue No 11
Twelve Little Red Riding Hoods and the Clockwork Wolf, Issue No 27
The Cat from Smolensky Street, Issue No 35
Stories for Curious Children, Issue No 53
Seven Strange Little Festive Stories, Seven, Issue No 54

Christos Boulotis is an archaeologist and writer. He was born on Lemnos in 1952 and studied history, archaeology and comparative literature at Athens University. He holds a doctorate from Wurzburg University in Germany.He has taught at the Ionian University, in postgraduate departments at Athens University, and at the Athens School of Fine Arts. He has conducted excavations on Crete and various Aegean islands. In 1985 he was appointed archaeologist-researcher at the Athens Academy, where he specialises in Minoan and Mycenean civilization.
He started writing children’s literature in 1987 and has since published some 30 titles.His first book, The Strange Love of the Horse and the Poplar won the Pier Paolo Vergerio prize for children’s literature in 1989. Among other distinctions, he won the Greek state award for children’s literature in 2000 for his book The Statue that Grew Cold.


In English
The Guardians: Poet and Painter, translated by Bruce Walter. Athens: Sigma, 2003. 36pp.
ISBN: 960-425-092-2

Greek Jewellery, Athens: Adam, 1999. 520pp.
ISBN: 960-500-314-7