Amanda Michalopoulou
 The Move, Issue No 3
I’d Like, Issue No 5
Princess Lizard, Issue No 27
Isidoros and the castaway, Issue No 40
Santa’s Grand-daughter and the Biscuits of Love, Issue No 51

Amanda Michalopoulou was born in Athens in 1966. She studied French literature in Athens and journalism in Paris at the CFPJ. She has been a columnist for Kathimerini daily newspaper since 1990.
She made her literary debut with a short story collection, Life is Colourful Outside, which won the Revmata magazine short story prize. Her first novel, Wishbone Memories, won the Diavazo magazine fiction award.
She spent 2004-2005 in Berlin on a DAAD scholarship. In the past she has received writer’s scholarships from institutions including the Edward Albee Foundation, Akademie Solitude, Ledig-Rowohlt Foundation, Schloss Wiepersdorf, Blue Mountain Center N.Y., French-American Association La Napoule, Djerassi, and Literarisches Colloquium, Berlin.
Some of her work has been published in German, Italian, Swedish. English, Serbian and Czech.


In German
Oktopusgarten, translated by Birgit Hildebrand. Hamburg: Rotbuch Verlag, 1999, 428pp.
ISBN: 3-434-53024-X

Oktopusgarten (Pocket book), translated by Birgit Hildebrand. Munich: Ullstein - Taschenbuch Verlag, 2001. 429pp.
ISBN: 3-548-60081-6

So ist das Leben, translated by Birgit Hildebrand. Hamburg: Rotbuch Verlag, 2001. 374pp.
ISBN: 3-434-53086-X

Ich mach euch den Garaus, translated by Birgit Hildebrand. Stuttgart: Akademie Schloss Solitude, 2002. 76pp. ISBN: 3-929-085-77-1

In English:
I'd Like, translated by Karen Emmerich. Champaign,: Dalkey Archive Press, 2008. 144 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-56478-493-3

In Italian:
Il giardino del polpo, translated by Valentina De Giorgi. Milano, Crocetti Editore, 2002, 390pp.
ISBN: 88-8306-085-7

In Serbian:
Gledan spolga zivot ge prepun boga. & Život prepun boja, translated by Bojana Samardžić. Beograd: Paideia, 2002.
ISBN: 86-7448-087-X.

In Swedish:
Jag skall slå ihjäl dig som en bläckfisk, translated by Kyra Korsström. Helsingfors: Söderström, 2004, 391pp.
ISBN: 951-52-2188-9.