Nicos Panayotopoulos
 Hagiography, Issue No 3
The Hippo-Knight and the Fairy-Cow, Issue No 52

Nicos Panayotopoulos was born in Athens in 1963. While studying engineering he became involved with theatre. He worked as an arts correspondent for newspapers, periodicals and television (1989-1992), and since then has been a professional screenwriter for television and, since 1995, mainly for cinema. He has written five feature film screenplays, one of which – Apontes (directed by Nikos Grammatikos) – won the 1996 screenplay award at the 37th Thessaloniki Film Festival. His poems and short stories have won several prizes and his short story collection The Guilt of Materials won the Maria Ralli Award for new writers.


In English
The Dedalus Book of Greek Fantasy (anthology), edited and translated by David Connolly. Cambridge: Dedalus, 2004. 308pp.
ISBN: 1-873982-84-4

In French
Le gène du doute, translated by Gilles Decorvet. Paris: Gallimard, 2004. 200pp.
ISBN: 2-07-070424-6

Hagiography translated by Gilles Decorvet. Paris: Gallimard, 2006. (to be published)

In German
Die Erfindung des Zweifels, translated by Ulf-Dieter Klemm. Leipzig: Reclam, 2002. 184pp.
ISBN: 3-379-00791-9

Hagiography translated by Birgit Hildebrand. Leipzeg: Reclam, 2005 (to be published)

In Italian
Polvere di stelle - Diario di un extraterrestre, translated by Alberto Gabrieli. Milano: Crocetti Editore, 2002. 262pp.
ISBN: 88-8306-084-9

To gonidio tis amfivolias. Ponte alle Grazie (in press)

In Turkish
To gonidio tis amfivolias. Dogan (in press)