Thanassis Hatzopoulos
 Letters for Tesserae, Issue No 22

Thanassis Hatzopoulos was born in 1961 in Aliveri, Evia, where he lived till 1978. He studied medicine at Athens University, specialising in child psychiatry. Since then his life and work have revolved around poetry and psychoanalysis.
He lives in Athens where he works as a psychoanalyst for both children and adults, and writes essays on literature for newspapers and literary periodicals. Poems of his have been translated into several languages including English, French, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Swedish, Slovenian and Bulgarian.

In English-French-Italian
Quasi present = As if present = Presque present, translated by David Connolly, Michel Volkovitch, Paola Maria Minucci. Chalkida: Diametros, 1997. 47pp.
ISBN: 960-7746-04-X.
Original Title: Osei paron

In Spanish
Verbos para la rosa, translated by Vicente Fernández González. Málaga: Miguel Gómez Ediciones, 2002. 141pp.
ISBN: 84-88326-83-1
Original Title: Rimata gia to rodo

In French
Le mort de même sang, translated by Michel Volkovitch. Paris: Desmos / Cahiers grecs, 2000. 96pp.
ISBN: 2-911427-35-1
Original Title: O ex aimatos nekros

In Italian
Il morto consanguineo, translated by Susanna Chiarantano and Giovanni Bonavia. Nardó: Besa, 2003. 97pp.
ISBN: 88-497-0180-2
Original Title: O ex aimatos nekros