Five Greek poets
Tassos Roussos
Yorgos Brounias
Dimitra Christodoulou
Athina Papadaki
Dimitis Kosmopoulos

The Greek novel has flourished in recent years, and poetry is thriving too. Older and younger generation poets continue to produce mature and original writing that converses both with the Greek past and contemporary European currents.
In his collection To Lefkion, Tassos Roussos invents a hero from the Hellenistic era, endowing him with a fresh, surrealistic outlook. In Companionship, Yorgos Brounias returns to the colours and fragrances of his childhood, creating lyrical verse that is powerful and direct. The poems in Dimitra Christodoulou’s collection Just Before express deep existential concerns, without ever allowing ideas to outweigh the emotional impact. In Towards the Unknown, Athina Papadaki highlights female erotic discourse, skillfully revealing its sensitivity. Finally, Dimitris Kosmopoulos’s collection of poems Night Birds pulses with all the warmth of mystical experience.