The House and the Cell
 Christos Homenidis

Patakis, 2005
ISBN: 960-16-1803-1

In The House and the Cell Christos Homenidis uses the fictional form to tell the eventful story of November 17, one of the largest and most long-lived terrorist organizations in Europe. The action-packed plot follows the members of the gang to bank robberies, murderous attacks and hideouts to their eventual arrest.
An in-depth study of each individual’s character, it casts light on the mentality of the organization and divests the heroes of any spurious heroic stature. In an attempt to gain a deeper understanding of their motives, the portrayal goes far beyond the stereotyped images of the perpetrators that have been purveyed at times by both their critics and apologists.
An intensely satirical and parodic mood counterpoints, but never clashes with, the dramatic core of the narrative. In this powerful novel, the author makes an outspoken critique of the terrorists’ decisions and practices and of the socio-political system that nurtured them

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