How I Love Sweets!
 Evi Mavromatidou
Illustrator: Mark Weinstein

Kedros, 2005
ISBN: 960-04-2541-8

How I Love Sweets! is a simple and attractive introduction to cookery for children of six and over. Where better to start than with delicious home-made sweets, made from readily available ingredients, including lots of fresh and dried fruit? The instructions are straightforward, and Mark Weinsten’s illustrations of boys and girls mixing, frying, kneading, slicing and baking help ease novice cooks into the mysteries of the kitchen.
Evi Mavromatidou introduces each recipe with a little story or tips about how and when to serve them. There’s lemon granita to refresh on a hot day, toffee apples, creme caramel, an easy to make cheese-cake with fruit and raisins, doughnuts, iced tea and strawberry milk shake. Children will love the mouth-watering tiganites, a Greek delicacy like a doughnut made of flour, milk, eggs, sugar. Fry the batter, drain, then pour on honey and sprinkle with cinnamon.

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