Santa’s Grand-daughter and the Biscuits of Love
 Amanda Michalopoulou
Illustrator: Sofia Touliatou

Kastaniotis, 2009
ISBN: 978-960-03-5010-4

The bad news is delivered by an elf, who blurts it out back to front, as they do. It’s a disaster. Just a month before Christmas, Santa has fallen ill and can’t manage his seasonal toy deliveries. His grand-daughter, the narrator, sets out with her mother for Santa’s giant toy warehouse. There she finds her grand-father prostrate in bed, with his elves milling about in a state of alarm. He may not be able to get the toys ready in time for the holidays, but his grand-daughter comes up with a clever idea. If everyone pitches in, they will be able to make millions of biscuits for the children who are expecting gifts. Amanda Michalopoulou mixes a pinch of reality with a hefty serving of fantasy in a heart-warming story, the second featuring Santa’s grand-daughter. Sofia Touliatou’s illustrations conjure up the young heroine’s adventure with charm and humour.

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