A Knight at the Carwash
 Kostas Haralas

Papadopoulos, 2009
ISBN: 978-960-412-904-1

Kostas Haralas again displays his gift for an original take on childhood experiences in his latest book A Knight at the Carwash. The drama plays out in the local carwash, which the young hero sees for the first time from the interior of his mother’s car. He denies being afraid while trying to make sense of what he sees. The gushing water seems like a sudden storm and the massive wrap-around brushes like dragons. Undaunted, he dons his yellow waterproof jacket and slips out while is mother is talking on her mobile phone. Brandishing the carjack, he faces down the monstrous creatures, and brings all the noise and commotion to an end, to the astonishment of his mother and dismay of the carwash owner. Sofia Touliatou’s imaginative illustrations portray the young hero's quirky view of the world. For children in the first two years of primary school.

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