Hyacinths, Violets and Heliotropes: A Selection of Poems by Yannis Kondos
 Tassos Leivaditis

Kedros, 2008
ISBN: 978-960-04-3806-2

Tassos Leivaditis was perhaps overshadowed internationally by his close friend and contemporary, Yannis Ritsos. Within Greece, however, he is regarded as a poet of equal stature. The present anthology was published as a tribute to this major post-war Greek poet on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of his death. The anthologist, Yannis Kondos, himself a poet, writes in his Introduction: “I swam for nights on end in the sea of Leivaditis’s poetry. His poems require numerous readings, numerous stagings and the right mood. More specifically, his poems require care and preparation; require you to hold them with bare hands – even if you get them burned… I allowed the poems to breathe, converse, recall the specific age and the poet’s existential noose… I travelled with these poems, learned from them and once again marvelled at Leivaditis. These are clearly both love poems and political poems. Above all, however, this is poetry in capital letters.”

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