Isidoros and the castaway
 Amanda Michalopoulou

Kedros, 2008
ISBN13: 978-960-16-2587-4

Isidoros leads a solitary existence. He lives with his parents in a flat, but his parents are too busy to spend much time with him. Luckily the nine-year-old is blessed with a fertile imagination, and he invents a friend, a castaway. Assuming that the castaway has time on his hands, the boy sends him some tips. He writes down the things he does when he’s bored: making out patterns in the floor tiles, blowing bubbles through a straw, thinking of all the words that begin with ‘b’, like ‘bored’, and making his hand crawl on the carpet like a caterpillar. He adds suggestions for the outdoor life, like watching clouds, then puts the letter in a bottle and asks his father to put it into the sea. The letter prompts a reply, and brings father and son closer together in a story for modern families that have everything except time together.

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