Magical Greece
 Photographer: Andreas Smaragdis
Eleni Gage

Photographs by Andreas Smaragdis - Text by Eleni Gage
Kerkyra Publications, 2008
ISBN13: 978-960-8386-78-5

Photographer Andreas Smaragdis and writer Eleni Gage have teamed up to create a portrait of Greece. Whether photographing familiar scenes or less-well known sights, Smaragdis tries for the less-obvious shot. His photographs, writes Gage, are “like a love letter” to Greece. Billows of water, seen at eye-level, form a perfect line with a low-lying fishing craft plying across a lake. A road winding its way to a hillside chapel on Kythera shines as brightly as a river. Young vines and tractor trails create a tapestry of contrasting shapes and textures on the green of pasture and the brown of tilled earth. Faces young and old, full of character, glance at the camera or away. Gage offers background and commentary in bilingual Greek-English captions to the pictures and introductions to each section – In the Water, On the Land, beneath the Sky, Towards Divinity and With the People.

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