Garden Ambitions
 Evgenia Fakinou

Kastaniotis, 2007
ISBN: 960-03-4376-4
ISBN13: 978-960-03-4376-2

Evgenia Fakinou, author of many best-selling novels, branches out successfully into the short story form in her latest book, Garden Ambitions. Literature encounters mythology, ancient Greece and contemporary Greek art, engaging them in a lively dialogue.
Her subjects include a writer who has used his creative powers to depict the strange and the paradoxical, and who becomes the hero of a documentary and of another writer. A homosexual man talks to his alter ego in another story, while other tales record the internal monologues of Ariadne and Iphigenia. There’s an imaginary interview with Robinson Crusoe too. Loneliness becomes entangled with mourning and paves the way to depression.
The twelve stories here combine myth and storytelling to create a charmed atmosphere of release and escape. Fakinou excels in directness of expression, evocative, sometimes imposing images, and vividly drawn characters.

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