The Move
 Amanda Michalopoulou

Papadopoulos, 2004
ISBN: 960-412-347-5

Forced to tighten purse strings when their father loses his high-flying job in advertising, a family leaves Athens for a simpler lifestyle in the village house where the father grew up. The adjustments don’t all come easily in Amanda Michalopoulou’s The Move, but the rewards are palpable. Narrator Dimitris and his sister Sophia exchange rooms crammed with toys for the simpler pleasures of the countryside. Their father develops his hobby of making marmalade into a business. Their chain-smoking, card-playing grandmother parlays her mechanical skills into a thriving repair business. She even charms the conservative habitués of the village café when Dimitris urges her to write down the fantastic tales she tells and his mother gets them published. An engaging tale about the transformative possibilities of change, told with gentle humour and beautifully illustrated by Svetlin (winner of the newly instituted state award for foreign illustrators of Greek children’s books).

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