Incoming Call Block
 Gerasimos Dendrinos

Metaichmio, 2006
ISBN: 960-455-063-2
ISBN13: 978-960-455-063-0

Incoming Call Block by Gerasimos Dendrinos charts the strange and unpredictable course of a case of unrequited love that has serious consequences for all those involved, either as direct participants or as close observers.
Making a getaway from a life that is stuck in a rut and mined with obstacles, a lonely woman escapes from insecurity and religiosity, but in a manner that harbours peril both for her and others.
Set in the everyday world of the working class western suburbs of Thessaloniki, the novel extols a love that knows no commitments or conditions, without ever trying to glorify or prettify it.
Vivid characters are expertly portrayed and deftly set in their social environment, as the author explores the meaning of a constant, restless quest, and the role that chance plays in undermining established order and normality.

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