Lazy Town-Town
 Panagiota Plisi
Illustrator: Giorgos Sgouros

Kedros, 2006
ISBN: 960-04-3330-5
ISBN13: 978-960-04-3330-2

Almost nothing happens in Lazy Town-Town. Nobody goes to school or work, and nobody gets out of bed till long after noon. The author-narrator, who conducts a playful dialogue with her characters and readers, is in town to find out why, but has trouble finding anyone to talk to her.
The trouble started when Mr Petrokotronopoulos decided not to go to work one day and everybody in town followed suit. So impressed were they by his initiative that they voted him mayor, ushering in an epidemic of laziness. A few children would like to see a bit more action, but only one of them dares do anything about it. Then the mayor’s cat disappears – so does his daughter, though only her brother notices – and a great search shakes the townspeople out of their lethargy. Humorous illustrations add to the appeal of this book for children of 8 and over.

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