Frappé Nation
 Vivian Constantinopoulos
Daniel Young

Potamos, 2006
ISBN: 960-6691-01-2

People in Greece love their coffee, be it Turkish/Greek, cappuccino or espresso. When they say ‘Let’s go for a coffee’, Greeks mean ‘Let’s go and talk.’ In Frappé Nation, Vivian Constantinopoulos and Daniel Young use Frappé – the cold whipped instant coffee that is the most popular coffee in Greece – as an occasion for an unusual touristic-historical-sociological tour of Greece.
Excellent photographs – taken in cafés, on sidewalks and in crowded city squares where people of all kinds enjoy their coffee – record details of the place and its customs, mapping an entire country. They map its everyday culture, focusing on the coffee break – the pause in the rhythm, the passage from ordinary life to talking about life. The very ritual of making Frappé, described extensively in the book, says a lot about the make-up of this country. A handsome volume that offers a novel take on contemporary Greece.

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